Young Jedis

Today the 5th of June was a significant day. My twin boys, Michael and Zev turned six. Today they watched Star Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope for the first time – from start to finish. I am so proud of them. And to a significant degree, of myself as well. I’ve checked off one of the major milestones I have for what it is to be a father. I’ve started the process, of handing over the Star Wars legacy to my next generation.

It’s also interesting to note how things have changed since my father first brought me to watch Star Wars. I was seven years old. We went to the old Odean cinema, which had (we know the names now) “Action Figures” set up in glass cases outside the cinema hall for you to pine for before and after you watched the movie. Everyone back then was thinking, “If only they would release these cool toys for sale. How amazing would that be.” Today almost three and a half decades later, they’re releasing Star Wars toys that only exist in from their cartoon line, from their video game franchises, from universes that were never part of Luke Skywalker or Han Solo’s original universe.
It’s also interesting to note how technology and to some extent time has changed. We watched these original, wonderful films as, films. From a projector in a cinema. My children watched them on our beautiful Pioneer Kuro screen via a 1080p Blu-Ray Disc being run of a Sony PlayStation 3. The Kuro, Blu-ray, 1080p, PS3 are all real life technological hyperspace jumps compared to the grainy, flickering film we had to put up with back in the 70s. Not that we complained. We never complained. We could never dream of the eye-watering crystal clear definition that today’s modern day HDTVs have made common. We would never complain about the time it would then take a Blu-Ray disc to load.

And speaking about timing, I also find it great, strange but also a little sad that the (almost) ENTIRE series of Star Wars is now all literally within the fingertips of my children. The next movie, the next great chapter in that saga, is available on the next disc. That’s all the effort and time it takes. Back then, WE had to wait three to four years between these movies. I know this is not an entirely true or accurate argument but it still DOES seem representative of today’s generation doesn’t it. Anticipation is lost. They can’t wait for anything. With the internet, Facebook, smartphones, SmartTVs, smart cars, patience isn’t a virtue; it’s a lost art. A trait of a more civilized age or a foolish, slower generation.

Still I am very proud of Michael and Zev. Happy birthday boys.

And if anyone was wondering. Yes I intend to let them watch the Star Wars movies in the Machete Order. That is Episodes IV, V, II, III, VI, minus Episode I.
May the Force be with us all.

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